Dear people of the future.

It’s the year 2016 and you people of the future may look back to our time and ask yourselves, just as we do when we look back into our past: How could they let this happen? Didn’t they know?

Why didn’t they stop destroying the environment? Why did they keep on eating and living as if there where several planets at their disposal? Why did they vote for leaders who obviously didn’t choose the way of piece and love but the way of separation and greed? Didn’t they know? How could they not know that humanity is strongest together and that we can only take from nature as much as regrows?

Dear people of the future. I write to you to tell you, that we, the people of the present, know all of this. But we do it anyway. We don’t abstain from eating meat seven times a week or the new car that is big instead of efficient. We prefer to buy the things that are delicious and cheap without thinking about the damages they cause in the environment and we prefer to spend every year a little bit of money for oil instead of once a lot for better windows. We keep on living as if we had six earths because our luxury is more important to us than the planet earth, that you people of the future will inherit.

We vote for the politicians that we vote for even though it is obvious that they want to separate us and raise us against each other, because we are all afraid from each other.

Dear people of the future. I wished I could tell you that we are all manipulated or we don’t know what to do. I wished I could tell you that we don’t know that we all have to abstain a little or that we don’t have the technological possibilities. But it wouldn’t be true.

I take the wind out of the sails of your historians and the endless discussions in school and tell you: We know exactly what we do, but we decide to ignore it and we are simply to lazy and fainthearted to change it. You will have to pay the bill and we know it. We think we are more important now and we keep on pretending that we can change it later.