You abuse us, lock us up, poison us, use us, kill our brothers and sisters and banish us from our homes.

You think you have no part in it but it is being done in your name. We are used, imprisoned and killed to serve you. Our lands are destroyed, poisoned and taken so that your luxury can be produced cheaply. 

And now a virus came to you through us. Compared to the suffering you cause us, the virus causes only minimal suffering to you. And already you are confused, scared, lost in illusions and paranoia or are fussing about silly things that in reality have no meaning.

But really, you have bigger problems and you are missing the bigger picture.

This little virus may just be a warning, a reminder to show you how vulnerable you are. It makes the weaknesses of your societies visible. Maybe the next thing will be more powerful and you will finally understand that either you regulate yourselves or our mother will regulate you. You have to get into balance with her or you will be brought into balance by her.

Who are we?

We are the animals.