If you want a nice matte beige PLA filament for 3D printing, which is perfectly wound, and works with the Bambu Lab X1 or P1P and even the AMS without a problem even though the the spool is made of cardboard buy this one: OVERTURE Beige / light brown PLA Filament 1,75 mm this works perfectly.

I have printed several kilos of this in the AMS with the X1C. No problem at all. The print are beautiful, the material is good quality and has a very nice, slightly textures feel to it. Almost a bit like wood.

The OVERTURE Rock PLA Filament 1,75 mm is also is very beautiful and works fine with the printer too.

I used the “generic PLA” settings in the Bambu Lab Slicer.

By the way: This matte PLA filament also works perfectly with the Prusa Mini+ and probably with all other Prusa 3D Printers like the MK2, Mk3. I used the Prusament PLA settings in the Prusa Slicer for the