You never fail to impress me. As a tennis player, sure, but above all as a human being, because to have so much money, fame and also power and are not abusing both while seem not to be changed by it. That deserves my respect. In the end, however, I would really be blown away if you were to accept your own responsibility as an individual in the area of sustainability.

You have to fly around professionally, that’s of course having a huge environmental impact, but you have to do it, I understand. Also, you are not supposed to change the world for us, we all have to do whats within our power. But what about your own houses and other means of transportation? Are you using your power wisely?

For example: It would be easy with your budget and today’s technical possibilities to rebuild and build all your accommodations so that they produce more energy than they consume and you would even save money in the long run. I have realized such a project for myself and I earn less than the average Swiss. I think you are not using your money wisely if you do not build or rebuild your houses this way. The times where houses are allowed having an impact on climate are long over. Technology has advanced, we just have to use it. By the way, your new, old Mercedes Caravan could also be converted to electric, just like any other car, its really not very justifiable for you to drive it with fossil fuels.

Roger, Why do people see so little of you as a role model in terms of sustainability? What about Roger Federer and his personal Roger Federer sustainability? Isn’t it time you realize your potential? Sustainable living will become the new norm for everyone.

If you need help and ideas, I and experts in sustainable technologies will be happy to help you. The possibilities available to you are enormous, and I would be very happy if you would use them for yourself. Maybe it would even convince some other top athletes.