I love the internet and the tools to access it, but I need to be honest. If I’m not addicted to it, then it at least is nearly an addiction. So I came up with three, self imposed, rules for myself and they have changed my life so much to the better.

They are simple and very obvious, but their impact is powerful. They will cut your online/gadget time relatively minimally, but influence your overall feel of life very much. I can really recommend them.

In the following I will use “smartphone” as a word, but it includes computers of all sorts, including iPods, game consoles and TVs.

1: No smartphone until having eaten in the morning.

That is, if you eat in the morning. If you don’t eat, then change the rule to not before finishing your coffee, tea, run, exercise or until you are ready to go to work or school etc.

I came up with this rule because I noticed that if I use my smartphone early in the morning I get shortsighted during the whole day. However the impact on my life was far bigger than this. Its like my brain boots up slower, yet better. I’m more relaxed and I enjoy the things I do in the morning a lot more. If you don’t do any of the other rules, do this one.

2: No smartphone while eating. 

It’s really simple. Just concentrate on your food. Eat slow, enjoy. It’s healthier on so many levels. How has this even to be a rule? This should be normal. Lets consider peanuts while watching a movie an exception…

3: No smartphone when talking to people.

You are with them, concentrate on them, the smartphone is a distraction from them and the talk. It’s rude too. Enjoy real interaction when it happens, use the smartphone for the virtual one when the other one is not possible. Really this has to be a rule too, how is this not normal for anyone?

Bonus1: No smartphone while waiting in a place where beauty is to be seen.

Sometimes it’s not easy, but worth to at least try as often as possible. If you are in a place where there is beauty to be seen. Like people, nature, art or craft, then first enjoy this beauty before diving into the virtual world.

Bonus2: Turn of all kinds of notifications where ever you can.

Don’t allow social networks to send you email, keep your messengers to a minimum. Rather get used to check less important networks and messengers once a day, instead of letting them get your attention whenever they want.

Rules are bound to be broken and that is what I of course do sometimes. Yet sticking to them really improves my life. I hope yours and your friends too. Share if you like.